Anki will not give me my "due" cards

I am going bonkers over this. I have my new cards/day and max reviews/day set to 9999, no card is buried or suspended, and in my Browse section, all of the cards show up in the “due” section. But on my home screen, it shows that I have 0 due cards. I am a new user and I have never had even one single card due. This is a problem across all of my decks, self-created and downloaded. Please help me, I’ve tried everything!

P.S.- when I finish studying a deck, it says the next learning card will be ready in 15 minutes, and that there are however many learning cards due later today. However, my cards NEVER show up as due.

The bulk of the cards in your collection do appear to be suspended. If that doesn’t explain it, please point me to a specific deck you think should have due cards that is not showing any.

Most of my cards are suspended because I’m un suspending them as I review their corresponding Kaplan chapters. I should have cards due in my JackSparrow biology chapter 1, Chem ch 1, and physics ch 1 sub decks (I reviewed them all already), as well as all of the cards in my “My Mcat review” deck should be due. However I have 0 cards due and I have always had 0 cards due.

Are you aware that learning cards are also considered due cards? I see learning cards due for review in each of those decks.

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Oh… really? Is that how that works? Why do all of my due columns say 0 then? Like I have no cards that are green. It says for example in bio chapter 1, new 33 (blue) learn 69 (red) due 0. Why does it say 0 are due if there are some due? How do I know which are due if it says 0 are due?

On the deck list, think of “due” as meaning “due cards that have finished the learning steps”. Your cards have not finished the learning steps yet, so they are still shown in the red learning queue.

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