Due cards not showing up at all

Hi guys,
Have tried to resolve this issue myself but no due cards show up for me daily
tried changing intervals etc,

Please help!
Never had this issue before
Cards settings screenshotted below

Appreciate any help/ suggestions !

I am guessing you are referring to the PassMed Qs deck? Have you checked the deck options specifically for that deck? Maybe you have a different preset for that? Go to the cog to the right of the deck name and check Deck Options. Otherwise, maybe you don’t have any new cards for that deck for today.

It might be helpful to see the Future Due and Card Counts statistics for the deck.

Hi where do I find this please? not an anki whiz

“Stats” between “Browse” and “Sync” at the top.

In the Browser (the Browse button/link), if you search for “deck:current is:due -is:learn”, are there cards?

Maybe an add-on is preventing them from showing up.

what you think? Thanks for helping

Do you know the difference between Due cards and the types of cards?

Have gone through that page before
please explain this?

Where is the find bar in your Browser? :confused:

Is your problem that Due Review cards are not showing up? Or even Due Learning cards?

usually when I used anki before, I’d always have (due) green cards
I’m worried that i have no due cards

Is it that I havent learned the cards enough yet?

Expand the Due column to see when they are due.
It seems that one of the Review cards is due yesterday and not buried, so it is green and reviewable in the Obs/Gynae deck. That’s why I asked you to include “deck:current” in the search.
All your cards that you have rated and are not found with only “is:review” are Learning cards, so they are not yet ready. You should stop learning new cards until you have 0 Learn cards due, because you have 146 cards to review today or tomorrow and again in the following days, and you probably don’t even know how to do backups.

I think I understand you !
How do I stop learning new cards until theres 0 learn cards due please?
Also new cards come first, had a look at my classmates settings I dont have a display order setting button
really appreciate your help for answering !

also what do you mean by back ups please?

I mean backup copies, to recover from if your collection is damaged or lost, or if you delete something you didn’t intend to. Backups - Anki Manual

It’s strange that you don’t have Display Order.

Maybe it’s due to the AMBOSS add-on?

Just added Amboss add-on today
Haven’t had display order button since update I believe

Anki 23.10 was released just 19 hours ago. Try disabling the add-on.

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