Bug? "Learning" cards don't show up

Hi everyone,

I searched the forums for an answer to my question without success.
I’ve been using Anki Desktop for two years (version 2.1.44). Two days ago I synced for the first time with AnkiWeb. There the problems started.

No problem with my small decks, everything works normally. But I have a very large deck (43,000 cards) which has been bugging since then.

(sorry, French version!)

Here the main menu shows that there are 185 “due” cards.

But when I want to study the deck, it shows me 0 “Learning cards”. It just won’t make me study the cards from previous days.

I checked the settings, they are the same; clicked on “Browse”, all the cards are there, waiting to show up.

And detail: it now shows the “New” and “Review” cards by shuffling them, whereas previously it finished showing the first pack before showing the other. Yet the parameters are the same.

Any tip to help me? :pray:

Thank you very much!

“Learning” cards are usually cards that you have studied the same day. Do you get new and review cards (green and blue numbers)?

If you open the deck and go through one or two new (green) cards once only, tben the “learning” (red) number should increase (until you see those same cards again on the same day).

Hey, thanks.
My Learning cards are cards I studied in the past days, as I programmed 2880 minutes (two days) of Steps. It used to work.

If you check my two screenshots above, the number of cards due on the main menu (which is the right) isn’t the same than the one if I click on the deck (which is wrong).

Then, if I click on “Browse” to explore my deck, I can find cards that I studied a few days ago. In this example, this card should have appeared on the 16th but it didn’t: since my sync, the “Due” cards simply no longer appear.

When I check the deck’s stats, it references “Due” cards, but it doesn’t show them…

Any idea?

Oh, I see now. Unfortunately, I am not sure what might be wrong exactly. It probably has something to do with upgrading to the v3 scheduler (introduced in 2.1.45). See here: The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions. But I don’t know enough about the changes.

Hopefully someone else can help you figure this out.

The old schedulers (v1 and v2) aren’t supported anymore. Consider upgrading to a more recent version of Anki.

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