Due dates are in the past

My due dates for cards have somehow gone in the past. I have been using the Lightyear deck, and lots of other decks. Also made about 3000 cards of my own.

Things i have tried:

  1. restart anki
  2. disable all add ons
  3. restart computer

I am using the Anki version 2.0 on my macbook. My USMLE step 1 exam is in 2-4 months from now. Please help, thank you

Did this happen suddenly? Due dates in the past are not in themselves unusual. They result from having more cards due than the max daily review setting. Happens to me very often. If it’s just this, it should even out eventually – but you could raise your max daily reviews setting.


hey, thanks for replying

my max daily reviews are 9999 which I think is the maximum Anki allows. I don’t know if this happened suddenly or the problem has been going on for a long time

So I did let my Anki reviews pile up and wanted to do them together all at once. But I didn’t want cram mode - just wanted to follow Anki’s algorithm

It’s not just these cards, there are more than 1000s with this problem. Can you please tell me when can I expect these cards to actually show up? Would that be in the next 2-4 months or should i just give up on these particular cards?

This do not necessarily mean you do all due reviews each day, you just don’t cap a certain ammount. So if you review less cards than cards become due, you will pile up cards indefinetively (increasing the backlog). What you can do is to lower the new card count per day so you can eventually catch up the backlog.


To clarify, lowering the limit just places a clear cap on how many you do each day. If you have set a limit of 9999 reviews but are not studying due cards until the numbers reach 0, that means you’re missing some reviews, and they may be piling up.


When they show up will depend on how many cards you study each day and how good you are at remembering them. As long as you study more cards each day than are newly added to your active pool of cards, you will eventually catch up. But if you find you are falling behind like this, you should reduce the rate at which you add new cards to the active pool.