Cards I reviewed yesterday are showing up as OVER DUE

I use my computer, iPad and iPhone for anki.

2 days ago, I did +300 cards and the next day I noticed that cards I did last night, are showing up again(cards that should be scheduled for at least a few days ahead, not the next day).
I thought maybe there was an issue with syncing since I was using all 3 devices during different times of the day. I saw that 150 cards that I did were showing as due. So i manually changed the due dates for those

yesterday, I was really careful and made sure to sync my devices every time I took a break from Anki… and did all the cards I had due yesterday. Today, 40 of them are showing as overdue… I checked the some of the cards info and it says my last review for those cards were a few days ago but I definitely did it yesterday and synced my devices!
by the end of the day, it showed that I had no FCs due on any of my devices.

a little scared to upgrade to the new version as I’m studying for a big exam and rely heavily on Anki.

(also…im relatively new to anki -4 mos in- and struggle with the coding lingo! )

If you thought you reviewed the card but it does not show in the review history, one of the more likely explanations is that you have your notetypes configured to create multiple cards (eg front->back and back->front), and the one you’re looking at is not the same as the one you reviewed the other day.

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