No review cards/ new cards


I have started using anki over the past few days and I have a mixture of imported cards and cards I have made myself.

However, anki isn’t giving me any new cards. The time for new cards is set at 6 hours past midnight and the maximum number of new cards is set at 30 per day.

I am not receiving any cards ( review or new) the next day?

Thankyou for any help :slight_smile:

This may be helpful:

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Thankyou for the suggestion.

I have looked into this but none of the cards were suspended.

Also, when I type is:new into the search bar, no cards come up but they all come up when I type in is:review. However, I am still not getting any review cards so i am not sure why this is happening?

Thankyou :slight_smile:

If they don’t show up for review, this may mean that they are not due yet or that the Maximum reviews/day setting in deck options is set to zero.

You can alternatively use filtered decks if you want to review ahead.

Thankyou :slight_smile:
These are my review settings.

Is there a problem with any of these? I am using a premade deck aswell, could that cause any problems?

The max reviews setting seems fine.
I suggest going to the card browser and looking at the Due column of your cards. This should show a due date for review cards. Maybe you don’t have any due cards today.
Since the maximum interval setting is set to 9 days, the cards should become due soon.


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Thankyou for the help. The due date for the cards seems to be very odd! Is there anyway I can reset/change this as I have only just started using the cards.

Maybe the deck was shared with scheduling information included.

Select the cards and use Cards > Reschedule to change due date.

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This is what the Manual suggests: