Anki not showing ANY new cards?

I am at a loss, Anki is not showing me any new cards (of which I have MANY) at all no matter what I set the daily limits to. The “new” column on the home page is blank for all my decks. I’ve tried re-installing it, using different deck settings, re-uploading the decks… nothing works. Any ideas?

If using the v3 scheduler, please keep in mind that the new count is capped by the review count. If your review limit is set to 200, and you have 190 reviews waiting, a maximum of 10 new cards will be introduced. If your review limit has been reached, no new cards will be shown. If you have a backlog of reviews and still want to introduce new cards, you can do so by suspending the reviews, or increasing your review limit.

Could this be your issue?

No, unfortunately even with my review count and new card count set very high, still no new cards.

Do you sync with a mobile device? Would you share a screenshot of your deck view? Have you accidentally suspended all your cards?

The cards are definitely not suspended. I do sync with a mobile device.

Did you resolve your issue? You appear to have new cards waiting today.

I also have this issue. I have lots of new decks that I started reviewing today, all of which were showing the maximum number of new cards for the day that I had set. After reviewing one deck a message popped up and I had to log back into Anki and since then I haven’t been able to review any cards from my other new decks (however all my old decks still have cards to review). I’ve tried redownloading, restarting the app and my Mac but nothing is working and I can’t get any of my new cards to show up.

What are your deck options?

I did resolve my issue! The deck settings on the parent deck and sub decks were set correctly but there must have been sub-sub decks I didn’t know about because when increased my new card limit on the default (which to my knowledge I was not using but said it had several hundred decks using it) everything went back to normal!

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