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My New cards have stopped showing up since getting Anki mobile.

I regularly sync both my desktop Anki and Anki mobile, but my new cards have stopped showing on both devices.

I can see there are new cards when I check
the ‘Browse’ page for the decks, but when I come to review the cards, it shows ‘0’ new cards.

Please could someone help me resolve this issue.

Thank you,


Is this a subdeck? What are your limits for new and review cards per day?

If you have a number of review cards over your cards per day limit, new cards won’t show up until you have fewer reviews. In the deck options there’s a toggle that tells Anki to ignore limits for new cards, maybe that’ll help.

Some more info: The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, thanks for your reply.

This problem is affecting subdecks and main decks.

For example, for some subdecks, I can see that there are new cards in my subdeck, but when i try to do them as part of a bigger deck, it shows that I have “0” new cards.

Also, what is this toggle called and how do I alter it?

Thank you so much!

If you go to the cog icon to the right of the deck name in the Decks section, you can select “Options” and under Daily limits you’ll find the toggle:

You have more info about this behavior in dae’s reply above.



Thank you so much!

I realised that my Anki was not the most updated version, hence I could not see the “New cards ignore review limit” option.

I have downloaded the newest Anki application for my laptop and have altered this toggle and everything works now!

Thank you so much,


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