Review cards reset to zero each day

Hi, each day I’m finding that my review cards are clearing.

The behaviour is…
When my review time is reach I see I have x cards ready for review on the iphone app
When I open the app, the cards no longer show as necessary for review
If I look on my laptop the cards are still needing to be reviewed
Syncing from the iphone to the desktop reset’s the reviews on my desktop app.

That’s odd. You open the app, and it shows no cards are due? If you tap on the stats icon does it say you’ve studied cards that day? If you tap on a deck that is ostensibly finished, do any cards show?

Hi Dae,

To further clarify the scenario…

  • The app is already open from the previous day but does not have focus
  • I have completed the cards for review from the previous day
  • I hit the review time for the new day
  • On the main iphone screen I can see the app icon with the number of cards to review for the new day
  • If I move focus to the anki app, it still shows me the number of cards for review from the previous day but nothing for the current day
  • If I tap on a deck, there are no new cards for review
  • Going back to the iphone main screen and the number showing the number of cards for review against the anki icon is change back to the previous days number
  • The next day the cards from the previous day show as needing to be reviewed

This only happen on the iphone app, not the desktop application.
I have not checked yet if the cards are showing as due, I will do that next time it happens.

If you pull down on the deck list, it should force the card count to be refreshed immediately. Does that make a difference? Does tapping on the stats icon say that any cards have been studied that day?