Due Cards show up in stats but can’t be reviewed or searched

If tried searching the forum for this but can’t find an answer.

This has happened to me when going from anki on my iPhone to my iPad. I’ll have a custom deck of my due cards for the current day and sometimes when I switch devices the cards disappear. They don’t show up in when I search for them and they also don’t show up in the reviews the day of or even the next day.

My reviews per day setting is maxed

The weird thing is that my stats page still shows the amount of cards that disappeared as due the day they disappeared. When I try and review from days before they also don’t show up. It’s like anki knows the cards are there but can’t find them anymore.

I’ve fixed this before by just restoring a back up from before they disappeared but was hoping there was a better solution.

Any help would be appreciated!

If it happens again, please let me know the steps I should take with your AnkiWeb collection in order to reproduce the problem. If I had to guess, maybe the cards were buried, or were in a filtered deck.

I didn’t restore a backup version yet so the problem is still there so if you have any solutions in the mean time please let me know.

I deleted the custom or filtered deck it happened in and it’s parent deck says it has no cards to be unburied. The cards that disappeared still appear in my stats page as due the day they disappeared though.

But yes, I will try and pay attention to what happens if it happens again. I’ll I can think of is I start using the filtered deck on my iPhone and leave it open on a card without syncing or closing the app and then go onto my iPad and probably click sync and the cards disappear. I’ll see if that is what happens again

The majority of your cards are suspended, and they won’t appear until they are unsuspended in the Browse screen. All of your top-level decks show cards when I try open the Browse screen in them on AnkiMobile. If you still think there is an AnkiMobile specific issue, please tell me the exact steps I should take, and how what you are seeing differs from what you expect to see.

I think it the issue was caused through Anki mobile because it never happens when I use a laptop, but the issues persists across all platforms.

Through Ankiweb, can you see those cards that are due from a coupe of days ago? I have attached a picture. They were from a filtered deck I made from my “Step1” deck. I just can’t find a way to access those cards.

Thanks so much for looking into this for me

If you use the Check Database option in AnkiMobile’s preferences screen, it should fix the issue, and recover some cards that were in a missing deck. If you find it happens again, I recommend updating to the latest computer version to see if that resolves it.

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