Next Day Starts & Studied " " cards & " " cards reviewed all don't match

Let’s say today is 2nd of January, 12:30AM.

I have my “next day starts” setting at 1 hr past midnight.

However, the new cards appear at 12am, hence midnight, of Jan 2nd.

When I study a new card at 12:01AM, Anki shows “Studied 1 card in 10 seconds today.”

But on my heat map, the 1 card studied at 12:01AM is added to the 400 reviewed the day before, hence the amount studied 1st of January. Therefore it’s recorded as 401 card studied on 1st of January.

I understand the “401 cards reviewed” part, as I do have my settings on as new day starts at 1 hr past midnight. But then, why is it that:

a. New cards appear at 12AM
b. When I study a card at 12:01AM, Anki puts it down as 1 card studied TODAY?

It’s a weird and complicated problem, overall none of the numbers seem to match. Any help would be appreciated, please let me know if I can fix or understand what’s going on.

(The picture shows how it says I studied 6 cards TODAY, but the cards are added to the number count for the previous day and today is left blank.)

Thank you!

What version of Anki are you using? Did you try the latest one? Maybe try temporarily disabling add-ons too.

Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

I’m using 2.1.23 Anki.

Maybe try with the latest version (2.1.40) from here:

I’ve tried it but the problem still remains, any other suggestions?(Thank you for trying to help though!)

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are reporting a problem with the Heatmap on the decks list, that is not part of Anki.