Anki saying I have studied already

Hello there everyone, for the past week or so, Anki keeps showing me that I have studied ‘6 cards in 2.01 seconds today (0.33s/card)’ even though I have not done that. I’m not sure what’s going on, I even took two days off from using Anki on all my devices and yet it still shows that message. Could someone please help me with this?

Does it display exact same message every day? If you disable add-ons in the add-ons screen, does the issue come back the next day?

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Hello Dae,

Thank you for responding! Yes, same exact message everyday, I had the Heatmap add-on which keeps a track of my streak, and even that is no longer updating (it is not counting my daily revision for some reason). I disabled all add-ons yesterday, and today it says the same thing:

Were you fiddling with your computer or phone’s clock? You have about 6 cards that have reviews that were made on Jan 31 2023 :slight_smile:

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Yes, oh my is it that?

On the 31st December, I was out all day so I didn’t have chance to do any Anki and I didn’t want my streak to end. The next day, I came across this method where you could change your computer’s clock so your streak on Anki Heatmap doesn’t end :sob:.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks Dae :grinning:

I don’t recommend you do that again. You should be able to remove the reviews with the following in the debug console, though the cards will still need to be rescheduled after that from the browse screen.

from anki.utils import int_time
mw.col.db.execute("delete from revlog where id > ?", int_time(1000))


I won’t do it again for sure.

Okay, I have done this. It came up with something else and then said ‘No output’, not sure if that is significant. The HeatMap add-on has updated so I think it is fine? But I couldn’t see the cards in the browse screen to reschedule them?

I’ll see tomorrow if the same message is displayed or not!

Why not do like a single card next time you don’t want your streak to end? Seems a lot easier than screwing around with clocks lol!


Yes definitely! I just completely forgot to open Anki

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It worked perfectly, everything is now sorted! Thank you so much; you’re a legend!

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If you right click on your browser columns and show the card modified column, then sort on it, you should see a few cards that are modified in the future. You can select them and use the “set due date” menu item to reschedule them to be due earlier if you’d like.

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