No reviews for March 12, 2023

On my stats screen it says I did 0 reviews for March 12 despite me knowing this is not the case, as I did roughly 150 reviews that day. I am unaware of how the DST change affects the stats, but I’m guessing this has something to do with it? Legacy timezone handling and V3 scheduler don’t fix this.
The first time I encountered this, it somehow fixed itself, how it did that I have no clue, but now this issue is back and seems to be persistent. Last night when I checked my heatmap stats, March 12 had the proper review stats and such, but tonight is a different story, and I’m not sure why as I haven’t touched Anki since last checking the correct stats.
Any feedback is appreciated, thanks. I am on version 2.1.60.

Is the issue with the heatmap in the graphs screen, or with the one in the deck list added by an add-on?

Heatmap in the graphs screen. Although right now it’s showing the correct reviews and data for March 12, 2023, I worry that the data will disappear again lol. The issue seems to pop up on and off for some reason?

I suspect it’s related to the time of day. Could you confirm the times it happens/doesn’t happen, and the timezone you’re in?

I’ll record the times it occurs and when it doesn’t and update you asap.
I am in PDT/Pacific Daylight time (SoCal).
As of right now, it is 10:07 PM for me and the issue hasn’t popped up yet. It was around midnight when the issue last occurred, and it seems to fix itself during the morning-ish times (3/4AM), although of course I’ll give an updated exact timing when I have the chance.

March 12 reviews disappear at around 12am and come back at around 1/2am. As far as I know, this only happens once or twice every week, so it isn’t something that’s consistent. Just comes and goes, pops up here or there. My interest in fixing it has dwindled, however, I think it’s just something to keep note of as a glitch or bug for now. Thanks.

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