(DST bug?) 2023-03-12 is skipped

Hello, for some reason I am not getting any reviews or new cards today (2023-03-12)

Here is a card I learned yesterday (2023-03-11). You can see it was supposed to come up today because the interval is 1 day, but it is scheduled for 2023-03-13 for some reason

Someone else on reddit is having the same problem I think: link

Might have something to do with DST? (today at 2am, the clock jumped to 3am)

edit: I also have my day set to start 4 hrs after midnight just like the reddit post above. I just tried setting the day to start before DST, but no effect

edit2: I don’t have a pileup of reviews tomorrow either (like you would see if you didn’t do your reviews for a day). It almost seems like Anki just doesn’t think this day exists…?

You appear to be using an Anki version from years ago. If you find the issue occurs again in the future after updating to the latest version and the v3 scheduler, please let us know.

Fair enough, yea I’m still on version 2.1.22. I’ve just been in “aint broke don’t fix it” mode I guess. Honestly I’m just kinda scared things will break etc and take up a lot of time

I’m looking into updating though; the new UI looks quite nice and FSRS seems interesting

Anyways, my reviews/new cards came up today though, so I am cautiously optimistic things are still stable for the time being

It does sound like this was an issue even for people on newer versions though: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/11pj0lm/anki_cards_are_stuck_on_the_previous_day/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Having this same issue, on latest Anki desktop version (2.1.60). The heatmap on Anki desktop says I did my reviews on March 13th when I did them today (March 14th), but the heatmap for Ankimobile (2.0.90) says I did those reviews on the correct date; March 14th. I have tried everything to get the two heatmaps to sync, but to no avail. It seems my desktop vers of Anki will be stuck one day behind for now, while Ankimobile remains accurate.
Following the timezone handling changes steps in the FAQ lead to me getting stuck at the “please check the ‘new timezone’ checkbox.” step, as the scheduler in 2.1.60 has no such option, only legacy timezone handling, which did nothing for me. The V3 scheduler also has no effect.

I’ll continue with my reviews as normal, since my heatmap streak came out unscathed on both ends, but if I find a solution I’ll be sure to come back to this thread. (although originally my reviews for March 12 on Sunday when DST came into effect were missing, they were somehow restored, unsure how this happened. Nonetheless, am grateful, lol.)

The heatmap in the stats screen should be identical on both devices. If you’re saying that the heatmap on the deck list screen added by an add-on is showing a different value, it implies the add-on has a bug.

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