Anki randomly delaying some reviews

Hello everyone.
I have some problems with Anki changing my review schedule. My steps are “10m 1d 3d 7d 14d 30d”.

I created a deck of 10 cards on Oct 18 2023, and pushed the button “Good” for all of them. Therefore they should all have been due on Oct 19 2023.
Unexpectedly, 8 of them have the right schedule (Oct 19) while 2 of them are due on the day after (Oct 20). I don’t have any explanation for this.
I have been noticing this issue with other decks/cards for some weeks.

I’d appreciate your support and thank you in advance.

Please select the card with Oct 20 due date. Right click → Info. Then post full card info here.

The cards are written in Italian (my language), i just switched the setup language to english to make it easier for the community to help me :sweat_smile:

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It looks strange. I am not sure if fuzz factor is applied to interday learning steps (learning steps with delay 1d or more).

Please try switching to the v3 scheduler.

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