Anki Changing Review Schedules

I’m having an issue with Anki changing some of the review schedules on about half the words I’ve reviewed. A few times recently I’ve completed a course, marked “Good - 2 days” on all the words that I got right, and find that about half of the words have been scheduled for 2 days and the other half being scheduled for 3. There seems to be no consistency between which ones are which, they’re not chronological and all of them said 2 days on the button I pressed.

This is a list of new words (I skipped learning as I’d learned them elsewhere), within the same level with identical stats and settings, so in theory all the ones marked good should be back up for review on the same day - yet that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Obviously, 1 day doesn’t make much difference and having them staggered so they’re not all on the same day is probably a good idea. But my worry is when the reviews start getting farther apart that this discrepancy might get bigger as well - eg in c. 2 months when the option is Good - 52 days, will half of these become 53 days or 104? I’d like to understand what’s going on so I can keep my eye on it and make sure I’m reviewing the right words on the right days.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here? Is there a setting I can tweak/fiddle?

Maybe Anki is just spacing the reviews because you have a maximum number of reviews per day (for a given deck). If you increase that maximum, does this behavior change?

It sounds like it’s just the fuzz factor.


Hi, I’ve set the review limit quite high so it shouldn’t be this but thanks for your reply - I think it’s more likely to be the fuzz factor as the other commenter explained

Yeah it sounds like this is it - thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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The review button labels of the new scheduler take fuzz into account, by the way.