Days to review are inconsistent


I recently noticed that the days to review on my app (mobile and desktop) are inconsistent. For example, with some cards, the “good” option will say 15 days until my next review, but then when I look through the browser it may be 19 days from the day of review, or 11 days from the day of the review. This generally isn’t a big deal but becomes an issue as I get closer to exam dates.

I feel this is an issue with the App itself and not so much my computer as I’ve noticed this with several versions. Would like to hear from a developer if possible or any suggestions on how to fix this issue from a community user would also be helpful.

This is likely due to the so-called “fuzz factor”. From the manual:

Anki additionally adds a small amount of random variation to the next due times, in order to prevent cards that were introduced together and always rated the same from always staying next to each other. This variation is not shown on the time estimates but will be applied after selecting the button.

Also see Possible to determine when exactly a card will be due? (Non-obvious answer、I presume)

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I see, thanks for an explanation.

Are you aware of add on’s that are able to ensure cards are set to be reviewed before a prior date? I’d typically would go through and with a few select cards would just manually reschedule the cards individually if needed, but I feel there may be an easier way.

This add-on may be helpful: