Help setting review dates

Hello, I’m new using Anki and I can’t set my review dates properly. I would like the reviews date to be:

Again in 10 minutes
Hard in 1 day
Good in 7 days
Easy in 30d

I tried to set the review button like this, but every time I answer a question, the dates change in the next question (and I would like to review the intere deck on the same date)

Could any of you help me to configure my deck properly?

I guess you want Settings for using Anki to prepare for a large exam - Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not going to be able to do that with Anki. There are a couple different scheduling algorithms – but with each you can only control certain things.

However, there are plenty of reasons to believe that either algorithm be better for your learning than setting the exact same intervals for every card. If you are interested learning about the algorithms –

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