Stats are empty after 2.1.28 update

Hello all,
I updated my Anki to 2.1.28 today and I couldn’t see my stats at all?
It just says no data.

Is there anyway to fix it?

Thank you.

If changing to collection at the top doesn’t work, please use Tools>Check Database then try again.

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Thank you! It works now.

However, it in the forecasted reviews for tomorrow, the number of reviews seems to be different from the number of forecasted reviews in the old stats screen/heatmap monitor?

I realized that the forecasted reviews in the new stats screen doesn’t include cards that are “learning”?

Looks like 1+ day learning cards were accidentally omitted - I’ll fix this in the next beta.

Awesome, thank you so much!

Just wondering if the Anki algorithm like spaced repetition etc and studying in general will be affected by this?

I am just worried that it might affect my studying, because if it does, I wonder if it’s better to downgrade to the previous version?

The scheduling has not changed, it’s just something that got missed in the new graphs code.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: