Anki Stats are beautiful! Please bring them to other pages!

I wish Stats Plus still worked, the graphs are so interactive an information-full, but I seldom open them, because I’m often in a rush. Perhaps this should be a mainstream feature!

If they could be displayed on the main screen, or at the end of the deck review, like you have stats at the end of videogame matches, they wouldn’t sit hidden so often and we’d be encouraged to interact with them more!

I think the best evidence that this would be widely enjoyed is that everyone uses the heatmap addon on the main screen.

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I tried to fix the Stat Puls but I am stuck ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Thank you for your efforts in maintaining and launching many of the most important add-ons.

I share your enthusiasm for the “play” factor in Anki, I think it greatly improves the experience, and visual feedback and progress indicators are very engaging, which stimulates adherence!

I put this post under suggestions because I thought it would be adequate to include it as a main feature!