Suggestion: remove the Stats menu item and instead implement dashboard-style stats on the landing/home screen

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

I would like to suggest that you please remove the “Stats” menu item and instead implement modern dashboard-style stats and visualisations within the landing page of the app, along with the list of decks, especially within the same application window. I think this might be a more contemporary approach to the placement of summary/progress/etc stats/graphs/etc within the UI.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The stats page has a lot of nice visualizations and it became more interactive recently. Why remove them and restrict ourselves to a dashboard? Putting all of them in the main window is not practical either.
Removing the stats page or “dumbing it down” will make lots of users angry, I think.

There are add-ons that show some kind of stats in the main window by the way.


I like Anki’s simple, clutter-free home screen.


There are plugins that show the stats on the home page. Cute, I use it, but it’s really only for those who like that stuff – otherwise the landing page becomes cluttered and also the startup performance suffers.


Thinking about it, you probably shouldn’t just kill off anything in the existing stats and visualisations in the Stats page at all. I just don’t think it’s something that’s in the main workflow or actions of Anki (choose deck, add cards, study etc) so maybe shouldn’t be in the main menu. It could stay in the menu under tools (say “In-depth stats”) while more general stats are added to the landing screen.

And re “dumbing down” I think it’s pretty universally accepted that Anki is intimidating and not intuitive to new users, especially those not technologically experienced (like how many people on the street know how to write Latex for example). I think making Anki more intuitive and usable would only be a good thing and increase its userbase and the number of people who could benefit from using it, but feel free to disagree of course.

Yeah, maybe people would prefer it to have less stuff (i.e. only decks) on it. Maybe it could be a setting? Or if one-sided enough just ignore the dashboard idea altogether.

See Stats Plus - AnkiWeb