Problems with individual decks' statistics (latest version, on mac)

Hey guys,

Since I’ve updated to the new version of Anki (I had a really old one), I just can’t see the stats for an individual deck. I have three of them : Kanjis Jap Voc., Individual Kanjis, Sentences.
When I’m trying to see the stats of the first one, after I’m done for the day, the “deck” section in the stats window won’t show anything (no cards reviewed today, and no history of the previous days), while the “collection” section will indeed take into account ALL the cards of those three decks, which I don’t want (I want to know, as well, how many cards I have in one only, for example).
I also tried typing “deck:Kanjis Jap Voc.” in the search bar, for instance, but it didn’t work.

Can somebody tell me what I am missing here ?

Thank you,

  1. Click Deck name, enter Deck
  2. Click Stats

AnkiDroid is failing to set the current deck correctly. I believe a fix is already implemented in development, and you can work around it for now by selecting a different deck first.


Yep, this was what I was doing up until now, sadly it only leads to this :

Well, it’s in french but its says that no cards have been reviewed today and there’s no data for this deck.

Thank you, though !