Way to see amount of cards studied today per deck across all decks


I want to introduce cards at a staggered rate and my method for doing that is to see if I have studied <x cards in a given deck per day before introducing new cards.

Currently the way I check this is by checking the no of reviews on the stats screen of each deck manually, but I have over 20 decks and with the removal of the radio buttons to select each deck on AnkiDroid (due to coming into sync with Anki Desktop) this has become marginally more annoying to do, requiring 4 taps + a scroll per deck change (tap deck, back out to menu, press statistics, scroll to reviews graph).

It would be great if either:

  1. It was possible to see the total cards have been studied per deck across all decks in one screen (in the way that the main menu tells you how many cards are currently due per deck), or;
  2. I could change the deck focus for the statistics page from a drop-down or radio button menu instead of having to type the deck name (equally inconvenient for my multiple Japanese language-named decks) or back out to the menu and follow the above workflow.


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You can either view stats for the whole collection in the stats screen, or nest all of your decks under one top-level deck.

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Thanks, that only allows me to see total new cards studied, which is not useful for me as I want to see the number of cards studied on a per deck basis in one place. I’ve updated the thread title to reflect this more clearly.

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