Review counter?

Hello, is there an add-on or even an anki setting that displays on your review screen how many reviews you have done today, so you can stop after you have reached a certain number and move on to the next deck?

Any suggestions will help.

Anki built in: Studied x cards in x seconds today (xs/card)

Some add-ons that tracks the reviews counts
More Decks Stats and Time Left
More Overview Stats 2.1
Review Heatmap

This can be done using Deck Options

To access deck options
Clicking the gear icon on the Decks screen then Options

In this case, you would need to create different Presets for each Subdecks so if one reach the Maximum Reviews/Day it will stop, I just don’t know how it would be possible to "move on to the next subdeck”automatically, since the parent deck would have a different preset than the child deck (according to Subdecks)


But is there a feature or add-on where there is a study counter on the review screen, eg after each card is studied it is increased by one, for both new and due cards?

idk if there is one that differentiate between new and due cards besides previously mentioned in the deck screen

but if we are talking about add-ons in the reviewer screen that works as a study counter then:
Progress Bar
Answer visual + auditory + custom text reinforcement
Puppy Reinforcement + Reset counter feature → Puppy Reinforcement for Sanika
Anki Habitica for 2.1 (need an account in Habitica)

Found another add-on that works in the deck screen which tracks reviews
Show total review count in main screen - AnkiWeb

honestly, there are a lot of add-ons, so maybe there is one that you specifically are looking for, try using the “Search in page" function (crtl + f)
Add-ons for Anki 2.1 - AnkiWeb

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