AnkiDroid - ways to see number of reviews per deck

I like to see how many reviews I’ve done per deck. Then I can decide which deck I should study next - I start next mini-batch on the deck, for which I’ve done the least reviews today.

On desktop it’s easily doable by usage of addons - for example “Enhance main window”.

Any idea how to achieve that in AnkiDroid? Opening each subdeck stats just to check it seems like too much clicking to get this simple information.

I am currently using AnkiDroid 2.16alpha91.

First of all, consider using ankidroid forum on google - I do consider that the developers could answer you direcly.


If I understood, do you want to see your statistics of your subdecks? If yes, click in the three lines upper left in ankidroid.

edit: sorry, now I understood your question. Don’t know the answer. :frowning:
Sorry for bad english!