Review Card Count Higher than actual number of cards in deck

I am reviewing 1,500 cards on a 500 card daily. I recently updated Anki so I don’t know if it’s a feature but I don’t like and want it. I want it to just count the actual number of reviewed cards and new cards that I actually got done. Any suggestions?

HUMBLE PIE: “distinct cards studied today” statistic

If you want both numbers, here is an edit:

#This Anki 2.0 addon modifies the main window "Studied X cards today" message.
#Originally, Anki counts repeated cards in this statistic.
#This addon changes it so only distinct cards are counted.
#Made by Joseph Yasmeh for Anki 2.0 and 2.1 on Mac. July 12 2019.
#GNU license 3
#Code rationale:
#Each card has a unique ID assigned to it, called the cid.
#"Distinct" is a type of SQL command that tell the program that from the data it counts,
#exclude redundant things from whatever second column you chose (in this case, cid).
#Search "revlog" in the Anki manual to learn more.

from aqt.deckbrowser import*
from anki.hooks import wrap
from anki.lang import _
from anki.utils import fmtTimeSpan

# True to prepend to the default text about repetitions instead of replacing,
# False to replace it.
_keepOriginal = True

def _renderStats2(self):
        cards, thetime ="""
select count(distinct cid), sum(time)/1000 from revlog
where id > ?""", (*1000)
        cards = cards or 0
        thetime = thetime or 0
        msgp1 = ngettext("<!--studied-->%d distinct card", "<!--studied-->%d distinct cards", cards) % cards
            buf = _("Studied %(a)s in %(b)s today.") % dict(a=msgp1,
            buf = _("Studied %(a)s in %(b)s today.") % dict(a=msgp1,
                                                        b=fmtTimeSpan(thetime, unit=1))
        return buf

def _addstats(self, _old):
        buf = _old(self)
        return (_renderStats2(self) + "<br/>" + buf)

if _keepOriginal:
        # prepend to the default text
        DeckBrowser._renderStats = wrap(DeckBrowser._renderStats, _addstats, "around")
else:   # replace the default text
        DeckBrowser._renderStats = _renderStats2

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