Increasing card count and repeating cards

Hi Anki,

Two questions:

  1. when I start a day I have a total amount of cards on the bottom right hand side. For example today I started with 35. As the day progressed this number kept fluctuating higher and higher. It climbed to about 127. Seems like Anki should be giving me a count at the beginning of the day, but it’s fluctuating widely. Is this normal?

  2. when I answer a card I am given the choice of when to review it next. For example, in 10 minutes, in 5 days, in 1 month, etc, however the same card comes back immediately. And the card will repeat 10 or 20 times in one session even if I ask it to repeat a month later. Any way to stop this multiple repetition in one session?

As for the second question: your are not prompted the laps of time before you review that card in particular; you are prompted for when the next review associated with that card will be scheduled. It’s not quite the same thing because a single review can cause several other reviews to be scheduled. However, you should not considered to laps time displayed when considering which feedback to provide, but rather asses how you well you remembered the card: if you didn’t, you should press again, and if you remembered it you should press good; if you remembered it but after some real struggle, press hard. If you believe this card was rescheduled for review way too soon, press easy. Beware that pressing easy will increase the gap by quite a while.

Do you mean the due counts shown on the deck list screen? That number may increase if your learning steps are configured to show cards later in the day.

That should not happen. Does the issue continue after updating to the latest app version?