Cards ammount never stops increasing

I have been studying a deck for months and I’ve had this issue for a while, when I’m reviewing my daily cards the learning cards and to review cards keeps increasing as I am studying, and even when I keep studying and review the new cards after finishing I get this message, next card will be available in … seconds there are x cards due learning today. I have tried already changing the deck settings, placing a daily limit and decreasing the new cards but still can’t solve the issue. Does anyone know where can I find more information to solve the issue ?

You can increase the reviews / day or decrease the new cards / day limits, and also increase the review ahead value.

Alternatively, you can use scheduler v3, which will automatically limit the number of new cards if there are still cards to review (a great feature).

Thank you for answering ! I just upgraded my version of Anki so I can have access to the V3. It is driving me crazy the amount of learning and review increasing all time even when I am doing them I have more cars. I ll check also increasing the reviews/days or limits. I am using currently this settings for the deck:

I don’t see anything wrong in that settings, everything should work properly if you’re using well designed cards

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