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Anki is a so (the most ?) complex application …

I have 604 new cards in my packets. Today I’ve time, I want to increase the amount of new cards : usually it’s 20, I want to try 40.
But anki today proposes me just … 9… just fuckxxx 9, I don’t know why, usually it’s 20, it always works. I checked all (there are really 604 unpublished cards), I can’t understand that. Please help me.


There could be several factors at play here:

The review limit affects the new limit. For example, if your review limit is set to 200, and you have 190 reviews waiting, a maximum of 10 new cards will be introduced. If your review limit has been reached, no new cards will be shown.

The review limit also affects interday learning cards. When applying the limit, interday learning cards are fetched first, then reviews, and finally new cards.

When studying a deck that has subdecks inside it, the limits set on each subdeck control the maximum number of cards drawn from that particular deck. The selected deck’s limits control the total cards that will be shown.

Try to go to the subdeck you want to study and set up a custom study (increase today’s new card limit).

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Thank you ferophila !

You gave me 3 possibilities, not sure I understood everything, sorry :slight_smile:

  1. limit : I putted 1000 to try, and nothing changed, it is stuck at “9” new card today
  2. not understood
  3. Don’t know what is a “subdeck”, so I probably haven’t

Thanks anyway
I quit anki, re-launch it. 3 times. The 3d times suddently it proposed me “31 new cards” to study. 31 = 40-9 , and 40 is the number I putted in the field “how many new cards today”. And 9, as I said, is the number it was stuck in. So so weird…

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