Desktop Update - New Card Limit Increase Not Working

I recently updated Anki on my Mac to the most recent version. I have never had an issue with this in the past, but now when doing a deck that has say 200 cards, I will “finish” all of them and still have 20 or so in the “learn” column. Both my “New Cards” and “Maximum Review” are at ‘9999’ and I even have the “New Cards Ignore Review Limit” on, but when I go to learn them I am met with the ‘New Card Limit has been reached for the day, but you can change this in Options’. However I cannot change in options because it is already at the max of ‘9999’. It is really annoying and I am not sure how to get it back to the way it was.

Have you compared what learning/relearning step they are on with your learn ahead limit – Preferences - Anki Manual? Cards leftover in Learn is usually controlled by that. They aren’t “New” anymore, so increasing the limits won’t help you reach them.

I have not! How can I check that?

You can find your learning/relearning steps in your Deck Options. Deck Options - Anki Manual

You can find what specific step each of those cards is on by looking at the “Interval” on their Card Info. Statistics - Anki Manual

You can find your Learn Ahead Limit in Tools > Preferences (link in my previous post).

When you find all of those, if it still doesn’t make sense, you can post them here and I’ll take a look.

Ok I want to make sure I don’t mess anything up, these are my current settings

That shows your learning steps are 10m 1d 3d.

What about your learn-ahead limit and the info on some of the specific cards?

ok here’s one from a card that acted normal first go around, and one that never got shown

For a card that wasn’t shown – to figure out why, I’d start by checking:

  • Is this card suspended?
  • Is this card buried? [At the edge of the frame, it looks like it has a lot of siblings.]
  • Did you click on this 1 - GI Pharmocology subdeck to study, or a parent deck?
  • Did you post the Deck Options for this subdeck, or a parent deck?
  • Do any of those parent/subdecks have different Options? Do they have any difrerent limits for “This deck” or “Today only”?
  • How many New cards are there in this deck (plus any relevant parent/sibling decks)? Where does 1581829223 fall in the queue?
  • How many New cards did you study today (search for introduced 1)?
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Ok so:
The new cards are not susupended
Not buried
I always click on the sundecks to study
All of my decks have the same settings in Options
I tried setting all of the cards to due today but not sure if that will change anything
What will changing the queue do?
I typically study around 1,000 - 1,500 cards a day but it has never been an issue in the past in terms of seeing all my new ones.

I really appreciate all of your help ahah

Ok I think I found the issue! I unchecked “bury new siblings / reviews” on my options and it let me study my cards! Thank you so much for the help!