Can anyone confirm this is a bug in Desktop?

Desktop users, is this happening in Anki:

  1. Set new card limit for the preset to 0
  2. Change deck limit to any non zero number
  3. New cards don’t appear even though they should

Perhaps someone else has a better sense of what you’re proposing – but I feel like I would need a lot more information before trying to reproduce this.

  1. What Anki version?
  2. What OS?
  3. Does the deck in question have any unsuspended New cards?
  4. Have New cards been studied from the deck already earlier in the same day?
  5. If the deck is the only one using the preset –
    • Does the deck have any parent/child decks?
    • What are the overall and/or this-deck limits for those decks?
  6. If the deck is not the only one using the preset –
    • Is it parent/child/sibling to any of the other decks that use the same preset?
    • Do any of them have their own this-deck limits? Which ones?
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  1. I did this in AnkiDroid so 24.04 probabaly

  2. Yes of course. I in fact was trying to view the card in review screen without changing the limit for other decks.

  3. No. I didn’t study any cards.

  4. Yes there were child decks… Oh. Okay. So that was the issue. I had limits start from top turned on. The child decks had preset limit but parent deck had deck limit 0 and so there were no cards showing up. I’ve started using v3 only recently so couldn’t figure that one out. Thanks for help xD.

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