Anki on desktop does not let me "add" on certain decks

Hello, I am a medical student who really wants to create massive study decks on Anki. Unfortunately, its been a painful experience overall because at a certain point, the program ceases to work. I’ve made many topics on this; however, with my busy schedule I havent seen any of them through. I want to ensure that I provide as much information as I can now so I can work this out as soon as I can.

The issue I have currently is that I am unable to add new cards to all of the decks in a certain profile that I have. Im unsure what the trigger is but it suddenly just stops working. I’ve had this experience many times before as well and every single time I’d start creating tons of cards and one day Anki just stops letting me add more cards. I’d then stop using Anki then one day i’d open it again just to find that it works.

I’ve tried restarting my computer. Several times. I’ve also re downloaded the program. Several times. Used the alternate version as well as the most updated version. I’ve made other profiles and other decks. None of which serve to point out a factor that indicates where the issue is. Please let me know what other information I can provide to help fix this issue.

Please click the Browse button on the main window and make sure that the cards are not added.
maybe your deck settings are just misconfigured? the deck options can be accessed using the gear icon besides the deck.

Also see

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For future readers, I believe I figured it out. After going to Tools > then clicking on Check Media, Check Database and Empty cards, everything began working as normal. I’ll update if it fails again!

Thank you abdo for your assistance.

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