Problems with adding new cards

I’ve been having quite a big problem with my Anki app (on the MacBook) concerning adding new cards. Every time I create a new card, it goes straight to the same one deck. It doesn’t matter that I add a new one and want to add those new cards to it, it just always goes to that one deck and I don’t know what’s wrong. When I add such a new card, I always choose the newest deck I want this card to be in, but no matter what, that new card will eventually not get there. What can I do? I really want to have separate decks for different subjects I’m learning and as for now I can’t add new cards because of this problem.

Did you check if this is caused by an add-on? Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions


Another possibility: Cards are being placed in the "Default" deck - Frequently Asked Questions

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