Unable to add cards

Hello, I just started using Anki again. Made some cards recently and managed to use it without issues. Today, I tried to add new cards but now it keeps crashing (Not responding). I went to look for an update and did the update. I am now using Version 2.1.30 and the issue persists. Please let me know how I can provide more information.

Doesn’t Anki or your system show any kind of error messages you can provide?

it really just stops working…

i found that it only has this error on this one account/user.
i used a different user with that anki deck and it seems the add card feature works and has no problem. any ideas what could cause this?

Did you try running the Check Database function found on the Tools menu? Maybe this particular collection has a problem.

Do you mean a different Windows login? If so, perhaps you have some software running on the other user that is causing the problem, like some utility in the task bar?

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