I'm not getting new cards

I just got the new update recently. When I boot up Anki for my Japanese studies. I don’t get new cards popping up. I usually review 15 new cards and 30 due ones.

Is their something I’m missing from the new update or a way to fix this? When I boot up Anki its 0 new cards and 30.

Check on your limits for reviews. As anki should tell you, it makes sense to set the limit for reviews 10 times as high as your limit for new cards. If you reach the limit for reviews, this suppresses the number of new cards shown to you. For example, If your limit for reviews is 30 and you have 27 cards to review, anki will only show you 3 new cards. If you have 50 cards to review, anki will not show you any new cards.

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