Deck does not give me new cards, even though there are new cards available

I will post some pictures since that is the easiest way to explain the problem. In short; I have a deck that does not give me new cards any more, even though they are available. The problem started yesterday, after about 3 months without issues. The problem occurs in Anki Desktop and Anki Web. AnkiDroid seems to be fine. In the screenshots, you can see that there are no new cards due today. I have not done any new cards. You can also see the settings of the deck, which says that 5 new cards should be done per day. Lastly, you can see that there are still new cards in the deck. If someone were able to help me, I would be very grateful!

In the screenshot you can see that you haven’t checked the “new cards ignore review limit” option, so once you have done 50 reviews for the day anki won’t give you any new cards. Alternatively you could increase the review limit, which might be preferred, since adding even more new cards when you already have a limit which doesn’t allow you to review your current cards will just lead to a backlog.

Any of these should fix your problem.


You’re a saviour! Thank you very much!

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