Recently reviewed "new" cards not showing up

Salvete!, since a week ago I’ve been having trouble with reviewing new cards I’ve recently added to my japanese deck. With this I don’t mean new cards I’ve added are not automatically displaying day after day since long ago I changed the settings to let me increase manually the limit of new cards per day.

What I actually mean is that new cards that I first reviewed, say, one or two days ago are no longer showing up in my daily reviews. I even tried to re-program them to an specific day to no avail. They will simply not show up.

As a bit of context, my day to day is really busy so from time to time I tend to skip my reviews. And if I go to custom study, to the “increase card limit per day” section I get this:


Also, my daily review limit is only 20 cards (it used to be much much higher but times are tough nowadays).

Could my due reviews be the problem?
Thank you!

Yes, your backlog prioritized by default, and it sounds like that is crowding out your recently introduced cards. Studying - Anki Manual

When you have a backlog of reviews, it is usually advised that you not try to introduce any new cards until you’ve caught up. One idea is to segregate your overdue cards, and feed them back into your studying instead of introducing more new cards.

I’ve used a system like the one suggested in the manual (Filtered Decks - Anki Manual) when I’ve been in this situation. Mine approach is a bit simpler – I only create one Filtered Deck and I pull most of the overdue cards into that (something like prop:due<=-1). That gives me a clear view of my main deck – which I need to complete every day – and then I study as many overdue cards as I can each day until they are gone. Then I can turn New cards back on.

If you set an artifically low daily review limit, you’re going to be continuously creating/growing your backlog. It’s possible to keep your daily reviews that low (once you’ve caught up) – but then you’ll have to keep your daily new cards quite low too. The typical guideline suggests 10% – so 2 new cards per day. Deck Options - Anki Manual


Thank you Danika. I’ll try to create a filter deck by using your syntax.

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