New cards added don't appear and "New" counter is "0"

I added 28 new cards two weeks ago. They haven’t appeared when I “Study Now” and the “New” counter is “0.” However, when I select “Browse,” I can see them all.

What can I do to make these new cards appear?


I understand that once a card is displayed, I won’t necessarily see it again.

My problem is that I have added over 75 NEW cards. The counter continues to display “0” (zero) next to “New.” In addition, the new cards I have added have never appeared, even once. One clue is that the first 250 of the cards I entered have been displayed. It’s the next 78 that are never displayed and aren’t included in the counter.

I thought I read there is no limit to the number of cards I can put in a deck, but is there some setting that could limit a deck to 250? Is there some place I can go to see if I have inadvertently limited this deck?

Thanks for your help!

Not quite. Anki chooses which cards you review each day, but you will eventually go through your whole collection over and over again (except for suspended cards, and / or if you are starting to fall behind your due cards, which doesn’t seem to be your case for now; the effect of the latter would be that you couldn’t see all your cards because there are too many to be seen each day)

To be clear: if you are referring to numbers next to a deck in Anki’s main screen, these don’t refer to that deck’s stats. They indicate how much has to be reviewed for that deck today. Now, the reason that number is smaller than your total number of new cards is explained in the second paragraph of the link sent by @cqg, which is basically that you have a maximum number of new cards Anki will show you each day. This is not related to how many cards there actually are in your collection (it’s something you can set in the deck options).

There is indeed no limit to the number of cards you can put in a deck. Nothing will go wrong if you keep adding some in there, and it’s extremely common for decks to hold thousands of cards. You can see your whole collection by clicking on “Browse” on the main Anki menu.

The problem was that “New” NEVER showed anything except “0” and I never saw any of the new cards I had added.

However, the link to the second paragraph you sent, led me to look at “Preferences/Scheduling.” I opened this page about two weeks ago and thought I’d help out by turning on “V3 Scheduler (beta).” When I turned that off just now. the Counter showed “20” for “New” and when I studied that deck, 3 of the new cards appeared! YAY! Problem solved!

Thanks for the hint.

You can read about the differences between the v2 scheduler and the v3 scheduler here. In particular, the v3 scheduler caps the new count by the review count, meaning that if you have more due cards for review some day than available “review slots”, you won’t see any new card. That’s why, when you fiddle Anki’s settings, it recommends keeping the number of daily review much larger (x10 IIRC) than the number of new cards.

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Incidentally, maybe it’s not clear to you yet, but the number of review cards due per day will eventually go down if you review them every day and no new card is added, which guarantees that, sooner or later, there will be space for new cards.