Viewing decks after adding cards

I downloaded a deck from a friend that had 20 cards. Then I added 50 cards of my own. So now I have a deck of 70 cards (per the browse/editing window), but when I try to “use” them on the main anki page (where it says the deck name, how many new, learned, due, etc.) it only shows the original 20 cards. I tried “sync” but that did not change anything.

By default, Anki will show you a maximum of 20 new cards each day. The reason for this limit is because those cards will need to be reviewed in the coming days - such as the next day, and then a few days after, and so on. Each day you use Anki, another 20 cards will be introduced, and the reviews will start to add up - if you’re adding 20 new cards each day, you can expect the daily reviews in the early stages to build up to around 200 cards/day.

It is possible to increase the number of new cards that are presented each day by adjusting the deck options or using the custom study feature, but please be careful - if you try to learn too many new cards at once, you’ll find the follow-up reviews overwhelming, and you’ll end up forgetting the material again. While you’re no doubt eager to get stuck into your material, it’s a good idea to try Anki with the default options for a week or two before you think about changing the limits.

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