SOS Anki card in browse but not in decks

Hello everyone! I’m new to anki and having some difficulty. I created a deck of about 63 cards on the anki mac application. All of my cards show up in the browse section but only 20 will show up in the deck. I tried to move the cards to a new deck to fix the issue but I still can only see 20 cards when I try to study.

I am really looking forwarding to using anki for CRNA school but need to figure out how to make this issue go away. Thank you!

20 is the number of new cards Anki introduces per day as default. If you click on the little gear icon on the right side of the deck you can change this to whatever you want.

There is also an info button next to those settings which will give you information on the relationship between New cards/day and Maximum reviews/day. Note that by default these settings are shared between all decks you create, but you can give different decks different presets.

You can read more in the manual as well:

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Wow! Thank you, you just made my entire day!

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