Anki won't show new cards

Hi everyone,
I have 3360 cards in several decks in Anki that I use for vocabulary for language study. Specifically, I have two decks I use regularly that includes vocab from approximately 6 lessons. However, Anki systematically only shows the cards from the first lesson, with a few cards from the second lesson. This is despite the fact that I almost always click “easy” on the cards. Having browsed some forums, I ended up creating a “custom study” deck, selecting cards added in the last 25 days and limiting them to 20, so that it’s manageable. While it addresses the problem, it means I always have to create a custom deck when I study, instead of simply being able to rely on the standard decks. I went back to the standard decks and only lessons 1 and a few cards of lesson 2 are shown, still. I find this discouraging and boring as I end up reviewing always the same card if I use the standard decks.
Your support would be helpful. Thanks.

Are you familiar with the daily new card limit?

If the issue is not with the number of new cards you’re getting but the order they’re being introduced in, the new # shown in the Due column of the browse screen governs the order the cards will appear. If you’d like the cards to be introduced randomly, there’s an option in the deck preferences you can use to switch the order.

very helpful, thanks a lot