Can't do a review of cards

So I have a deck of cards Japanese and I have studied my first 10 cards and would like to do a review.

I had originally chosen 5 cards, did those, then changed the limit to 10 cards and did another 5 so that works ok.

The settings appear to allow me to do 100 reviews but I get a message that the daily limit has been reached, I assume that is the daily limit of new cards which is 10.

I would like to step through the cards again up to my max of 100 times but I can’t get 1 review.

I have closed and reopened anki that didn’t fix it I am running Version ⁨2.1.43 (0fbae6bc)⁩ which I installed 1 May 2021,


Apparently, you have no due reviews. If you want to introduce more new cards, you can increase the limit of new cards per day or only today’s limit via custom study.

Thanks for the response.

I went into custom study and tried to increase todays review card limit but am unable to change the value the limit of 0 is greyed out.

I am able to increase the card limit by n cards and I am then given n new cards but no review of the old cards.


Just found a way to do it
requires that you create a filtered deck.

So this gives me a work around, but it would be nice if I could choose to review my days cards in a deck multiple times without having to create a new deck.

Yes, that’s what I was saying. You can increase the new card limit, but you can’t make Anki show more reviews if none are due.
You can circumvent Anki’s scheduling by creating a filtered deck, but then you should ask yourself why you use a spaced repetition program in the first place.
This may be of interest to you.

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I had not hear of this before but have practiced it in life infrequently, something is too hard you leave it and go back later and it is easier on that next try.

Thanks for the info.