Cannot Custom Study review cards


May I please get some help with this, I have done all the “found a bug?” troubleshooting steps, have searched it on Google & Reddit also. I have also uninstalled & reinstalled Anki on both my computer (windows) and AnkiDroid. I have checked media, database, and even rescheduled and repositioned cards. Therefore my entire deck should be from scratch.

Here’s what I want to do - because just maybe your solution is something different than what I’m trying to do. I want to review my “young & learn” cards to make them into “mature” cards faster OR what would even work for me is to increase my new & review cards in my deck settings so I just review once per day and that’s it and not worry about “custom study” settings. (whatever solution is easier for you to help me fix please)

I currently have 151 “young and learn” cards in my German - Vocab deck, this is a subdeck for my overall “German” deck, which includes a “Grammar” subdeck and an “iTalki” subdeck. What I am doing is clicking on my Vocab deck and then “custom study” - “modify today’s review card limit” and that number is ALWAYS 0.

*Before I proceed, this number was STILL 0 even before I had reset my deck, and I had a few hundred mature cards and several hundred (500 plus) young cards.

This happens on both Anki and AnkiDroid, shouldn’t that number be 151? I have tried to do this by clicking the “master deck” and doing the same, and that number is still 0.

I have tried to Google this issue, I have searched on reddit also, and have found no luck.

To attempt to help you out better, my master deck settings are

Steps (in minutes) 10,60,720,1440
Order - show me new cards in random order
New cards / day - 50

Max reviews / day - 9,999
Easy Bonus / Interval modifier / Max. interval / Hard interval are all the default anki settings

Bury related reviews until next day is checked

If you could please assist me in fixing, I would sincerely appreciate it. I am trying to learn German and I primarily use Anki for my learning.

The “Increase today’s review card limit” custom study has only an effect when you have exceeded the “Maximum Reviews/Day” (set to 200 by default) but still have due cards in the concerned deck.
However, as I understand your situation, you want to study cards that are not due, yet. For that you can use the “Review ahead” custom study or create a filtered deck with “Rescheduling” enabled.

But note that this is generally not a good idea. You will without a doubt get some benefit from additional reviewing, but it’s far less efficient than if you adhere to the intervals scheduled by Anki. If you’re not pressed for time to learn these cards, you can most likely spend your available study time more productively.

Especially this part will not work very well. Let’s say you have reviewed some card yesterday and it now has an interval of 3 days. If you review it again according to schedule the day after tomorrow, it will then get an interval of about 7 days because you hadn’t forgotten it after 3 days. However, if you review it prematurely today, Anki can only see that you were able to recall the card 1 day later (and we already learned that when the card was reviewed the last time). So there’s no reason to increase the interval as you still have to prove that you won’t forget the card after 3 days.
(I don’t actually know what the scheduler will do in this paticular reason, maybe the interval will increase by a small amount, but that’s the gist.)

You can see, additional reviews are not a suitable tool to grow the interval faster.


First, thank you for the quick response, I truly appreciate you.

Second, so based on what you’re telling me, is to just let Anki show me the cards it needs to, let it show me my new cards and my review cards and that’s it? and then tomorrow a new set will show up, etc?

My apologies, I am a newbie to Anki. I literally just make the flashcards on my computer to my liking and just sync them to my phone. I honestly don’t really know the fine tuning of this app.

Exactly. You may want to check this out: Background - Anki Manual