Anki does not allow to review cards in custom study


I am desperately trying to review more cards in a deck, but Anki and AnkiDroid refuse to let me do that. In Anki, when I choose to custom study, and then to “increase today’s review card limit”, I cannot input more than 0 cards. The “Review due in deck over today limit” is 0. In the options, I tried to increase the “Maximum reviews/day”, just in case, but it does not change anything.

In AnkiDroid, I do not have the option to further review cards, unless I click on “Options”. Then, I can input more than 0 cards to review, but no card is finally selected for review.

Anki does add 60 review cards, automatically every day. But I cannot go ask manually for more. Does anyone have an idea why Anki refuses new review cards?

I have been using Anki for many years, and this is the first time it occurs to me. All other decks behave as expected. The deck with the problem has its own group, so I tried to play with the options of the group, without any success. The only thing I could not change is the number of new cards per day: I put 0 because I absolutely need to control the addition of new cards, as the deck is for verb conjugation and I add all cards for a given verb at once.


I think this is the same question I answered here:


I saw this answer before posting, but I probably do not understand what is a “due card”. I guess that with time, many more cards will be tagged as “due cards”, so that I will have enough cards to review, just like with the other decks.

Maybe it would not hurt to allow to review cards without limitations, and without creating a new deck with reviewing ahead.


A due card is a card that was setted by anki to be reviewed on a specific day. That’s the whole point of spaced repetition, if a card is difficult for you it will be set to be reviewed tomorrow, if the card was easy it will be set to be reviewed in a few days. Reviewing all cards everyday just doesn’t make sense from the point of view of SR algorithms. Even so, as Rumo said, you still can do it with anki if you want, using preview ahead / filtered decks options.