Troubleshooting a problem

Hi, I’ve been using anki for MCAT studying for a few months and then all of a sudden, I got a message for an update on my phone and desktop today which I accepted. Now, whenever I hit custom study on one of my anki decks and try to click on “increase today’s new card limit” and try to add new cards and I add like 10 cards, 10 more cards just show up in my “to review” for the day. For some reason, I’m unable to add new cards. Why is this?

It sounds like you have a backlog of review cards. The v3 scheduler limits new cards to your review limit, so custom study increases the review count as well when you update the new count.

How do you think I should proceed then? Just try to finish my backlogged reviews?

That would be best, yes. You can also select “new cards ignore review limit” on the deck options, if you prefer. But that will create an even bigger backlog if you don’t review your cards, which kind of defeats the initial purpose of Anki of reviewing cards before you forget them, I guess.

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