It is not letting me review new cards when I have so many

It’ll say I have 15 new cards to review and then suddenly the number drops down to 0 or 4 and never shows me 15 new cards. Anyone experienced this?

It sounds like your cards are being buried. See here:

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So I turned off burying but it will still go from 45 cards new suddenly drops to 15 or 20, is that something else?

Are you sure you changed the options for the right deck, disabled burying for both new and review cards, and saved the changes afterwards? I can’t imagine what else it could be.

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Yes, I did save the changes. However, do you know what is going on when I click custom study-> increase todays new card limit and it shows 0?

Then there aren’t any new cards to add, or all the new cards are suspended, buried, or in a filtered deck. You can find out what’s the matter by searching in the browser, e.g. is:buried to ascertain there really aren’t any buried cards.

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