Total number of cards not matching with new cards


I have a total of 8903 cards in one deck, when I click on it to study, just 8564 are shown as New. (as you can see in the imagem below). I clicked on the “forget” to make all of them New again before studying. There is no suspended card.

Why is this mismatch happening?



Are you asking why the cards are being buried?

Anki automatically burry cards? If so, that’s my question.

It’s not automatic, you can activate / deactivate this option in Deck options > Burying.


Do you recommend deactivating these two options?

That’s a personal choice, it depends on how your cards are done and on your style of learning, I personally use that option in some decks but not in others.

What I’d recommend would be limiting the amount of new cards / day to a reasonable setting, please take a look here:


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