It looks like all my New cards are buried nowadays

Just when I thought I understood something, I am a little confused. I’ve noticed the deck starting off like this for the past few days. Per the manual, " If you have Bury siblings activated in your deck options, you may see how many cards will be buried in grey:"

Is this telling me that all 5 of my daily New cards are buried? Would Anki not pick 5 different cards then? I have 494 new cards available (screenshot below), I think for most of them I haven’t seen siblings either, so I would expect Anki to pick 5 others that are not buried.

When I first saw this, I did notice I was running low on New cards, I think I was down to about 50, not sure, so I unsuspended a bunch that I had put on hold. That didn’t seem to fix it, maybe some other action is required by me? I also toggled off Bury new siblings, which also didn’t change anything. The other thing is, once I finish these cards, I think then I actually do see the New ones, even though my New/review order is Show before reviews. In the past, if I saw cards before New ones, it was leftover “Again” reviews from the previous day that I neglected, but when I check Info, I see 1 day or 20+ day intervals.

If it matters, I am using the fsrs2anki scheduler, but my understanding is that it won’t affect New cards.

Here are my deck options:

When I get to the Congratulations screen, again I see 5 cards on the Deck screen.

But if I click, I go back to the Congratulations screen until I wait a minute, probably can’t stop myself from hitting Sync around this time, and shortly thereafter, I can click through to the Deck screen, and those are my 5 new cards, in spite of my setting to show New cards before Reviews

I suspect that might be due to a bug in the Anki 2.1.61 beta1 version of the ‘New cards ignore review limit’ setting.


Fix new limit being decremented unduly by RumovZ · Pull Request #2447 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

In the meanwhile, toggling ‘New cards ignore review limit’ to yes should fix the issue.


That indeed fixed it, and that is the version I’m using, which i neglected to mention. Thanks a bunch!


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