Old Cards Showing Up as New And New Card Limit Issues

Please help if you can!

I am having two problems. First, I have my new card limit set at 9999 purposefully (I’m gradually unsuspending cards from a master deck I downloaded as I sit through the relevant lectures for school). I will go to bed with 0 new cards and then wake up with new cards. I know this shouldn’t happen because I’m anywhere near that 9999 limit for the day anyway (I usually only have 100-200 new cards/day).

My second problem is that cards that I’ve seen multiple times are showing up as new (possibly related to the first problem haha). This is how I tried to investigate the problem: after I finished my Anki for the day and my Decks page had zero cards for all categories, I searched in Browse for is:new AND -is:suspended to see what the program still has labeled as new from the cards I’ve unsuspended thus far, and a bunch of cards still showed up and it was all cards I’ve seen. Not sure if these should still be in new, since I have definitely seen them already, and had zero cards left for the day.

I’m using Version ⁨2.1.54.

Let me know if you can help! Thank you.

Regarding the first problem, are the new cards being affected by the ‘Maximum reviews/day’ setting? New cards are limited by this setting as well (I don’t think this was always the case). Also check that they aren’t be limited by a parent deck. Sibling cards might also be buried - try unburying to see if this is the issue (though that seems unlikely to consistently affect so many cards).

For the second problem, make sure they aren’t duplicates or multiple cards of the same note.

Running check database is always worthwhile if you’re seeing strange behaviour, and maybe check that nothing is weird with your timezone settings.

Maximum reviews/day are also set at 9999 so that shouldn’t be the issue. I actually think the unburying sister cards might be the issue… I looked back at all the cards that are now in new and they are cards with >1 cloze deletion so that could definitely be it. I’m using the AnKing deck for medical school which really has an insane amount of cards, which might explain why there are consistently so many.

But one question: if I have bury sister cards turned and I add a card that has 2 cloze deletions, will it test me on one of the cloze deletions as new the first day, and then save the 2nd cloze deletion for the next day and add it as new? (Or, for example, if it had 4 cloze deletions would it add each cloze deletion on the cards as new for 4 different days?) Let me know, thank you!

Not quite. I think it will delay introducing to you the sibling cards of a given card until you have reached a certain acquaintance with that card. The actual time depends both on your scheduling settings and on how quickly you memorize it.

Will the buried cards show up as new once they are introduced?

The only effect burying has is to prevent a card from being scheduled for at least a day (that is, you won’t be able to review that card until at least one day since you’ve buried it).

Right, but would that explain my situation? If I have burying sister cards turned on, and it looks like the same card is in “new” the next day, could it just be a sister card from the same note? Or would those sister cards not show up in new and would instead show up in learn?

That’s right.