My new cards aren't shown (even with high daily limit) and don't show up under "all"

I have a bunch of new cards that I’d like to start working through (especially from the AnKing deck), but they aren’t showing up. Screenshots should be attached… I’ve gone to options to make sure the daily limits are high enough, and they are (as far as I can tell!)

Would you be able to help me? I feel like I must be missing something. It also strikes me as odd that the cards due in each of my main decks don’t add up / show up in “all.”

See the „New cards ignore review limit“ option on your Limits screenshot.

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What does that option mean? Forgive me, I’ve tried to look at the manual but I couldn’t find a definition

This is also a screenshot before I have reviewed any cards at all, so I haven’t reached my review limit

I did turn on the “new cards ignore review limit” option, and that worked for showing the new cards. Thank you so much!

I still feel like something may be messed up, though, because the # of new, learning, and due cards don’t add up correctly in “all.” It wasn’t always like this. I like to study using “all” so the concepts I learn in class and from 3rd party resources are integrated.

There is a link to the manual at the tooltip.

That’s because “All” has its own limits. What you see on the main “Decks” page has some rules applied to it. If you just want to see the totals add up, you can run searches search in the Browse window – for instance:

deck:All is:New -is:suspended
deck:All::AnKing is:New -is:suspended
deck:All::Class is:New -is:suspended

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